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I’m trying – and failing – to write a new Christmas carol by the 16th – in fact, sooner, because I need to give Jools time to write the music for it by then.. which is why I keep writing other poems, doing the washing-up; rearranging the shelves, buying another t shirt online – anything other than doing the work I am being paid for. And still they keep coming. Here is another one. ( I know these aren’t lyrics , Jools, don’t panic! – hopefully he isn’t reading this!)

Update: This did indeed become the lyrics for our carol: and we have now, on the strength of it, been given a commission to write a full Christmas Oratorio for the Abbey to be performed on December 10th 2016. (There were a few changes – Darkness hangs in the dusty air became the first line. And the rat became a mouse. Probably for the best)

Darkness fills the dusty stable.

Her head curves over the sleeping baby
The cloth of her cloak gentle on his thin skin.
She gathers him closer to her as the lantern swings.

Animals stir ..
A snort of warm breath.
The stamp of a hoof.
Straw rustles.
A rat running.
Daylight struggles under the door.

The air changes.
And the world, forever.

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