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1940’s Lyrics: It would be lovely

At one point Jools and I had the idea of writing songs for a library which specialised in supplying songs for advertising and films that were deliberate pastiches of a specific genre : in pursuit of this idea I spend a very enjoyable weekend listening to 1940’s jazz songs and then writing a few of my own which I thought reflected the style and preoccupations of the time. One of them, Key to my Heart, which I will post later, has become a regular number sung by Nuala when she and Jools play jazz together, but there were several who never made it into music. We are both going through our back catalogue of songs at the moment as a side project, so I thought rather than leave them languishing on the shelf I would publish songs that haven’t made it as poems, so that I have them all in one place.

This one is a straight-forward little love song.

It would be lovely ..
Maybe, baby,
On the seafront,
In the moonlight,
With the ripples sneaking up upon the sand..
You’d take my hand..
Go on one knee
And whisper,
‘Will you marry me?’

It would be lovely..
Maybe, baby,
On a hillside..
In the sunshine..
With the champagne spilling bubbles on my hand…
You’d make a stand..
Go on one knee
And stammer,
‘Will you marry me?’

It would be lovely ..
Maybe, baby,
In the west end,
In the best end..
When everybody’s clapping with the band..
Your knee would hand..
You’d holla,
‘Will you marry me?’

But it wouldn’t really matter,
Oh my darling,
O my dear one,
Oh my lovely, lovely man..

Where we were
What we were doing..
Just as long as you do ask me..
please do ask me..
please do ask me..
I will die
if you don’t ask me
to take your hand….
To take your hand,
To take your hand..

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