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I love riding on the train..

Still spending too much time on trains..


I love riding on the train

Never knowing

If we’re going ..


Love the drama

Love the pain..

Love the sense of

Tense adventure..


As we sit and watch the cows

Moving slowly munching past us


I love waiting on the train

Never knowing

Why we’re waiting..


Has a leaf blown on the line?

Has a signal blown a gasket?

Has there been a hurricane?

Will Google tell me if I ask it?


Oh! We’re moving

Past the cow pat

Past the field end

Do we think that ..

Yes! We’re picking

Up the speed

Here we go!






So much time

To sit and chat

Get to know

The people round us

As we speculate and bet

On just how late

We’re going to be ..


Play the happy game

Of  train trumps..

I am missing

A big meeting

What points do I get for that?

Does it trump your


Or your starving little cat?


They say travelling

In hope

Is always better

Than arriving..


What a slogan

That would be..

We will keep you happy



I love riding on the train

Never knowing

Always hoping ..


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