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The Four Horsemen

Let the apocalypse begin… this one’s for you,Val!

Well.. we already have Putin; Assad is poised to take back Syria; and now Trump is in position to fight for the White House.. as Europe descends further into chaos.. can Boris be far behind?



The Four Horsemen

Thunder of hooves …

Over the brow of the hill …
jingle of armour,
gleam of teeth,
flutter of flags…
ride the Four.


Uptight and iron faced
Pale flesh naked to the waist,
Legs in leather cased
Two headed eagle on his wrist


Thin, pallor on his skin
Pencil line of mustache; drooping chin
Suited, neat as corporate pin
Rotted by blood and spin.


Yellow cat clawing at his brain
Dollars pour on him like rain
Cowboy on the empty plain
His breath spreads hate and fear and pain..


in the saddle
of his spavined mare,
Panic riots in his hair,
Starved of thought, of honour, of renown …
The last outrider stumbles into town .

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