The World

Lost in the Wood.


Once upon a time

There was a crinkly little bulldog pup

Lost in a wood.


The wood was deep, dark and scary.


The pup was tired, hungry, pawsore.


And lost.


It got darker and darker.


The Ravens flapping in the trees

screeched louder and louder and louder

until he could not bear to hear them.


But he had to go on.


He came to a fork in the way.


Both paths were dark and scary.


There was a great tree in the centre of the fork.


Leaning against it were two animals.


Both wore masks with kind, wise bulldog faces on them.

But under the mask was hair,

sleek and black,

or bushy and yellow …

And there was a glint of teeth when they spoke

And a flash of eye

And a red, dribbling mouth

he didn’t much like.


Take this path – you know it is the right thing to do –

Said the first.

It will lead you safely home.

If you go down the other path, you will fall into a deep spiked pit

And die horribly.


No, no ,no

Said the second.

Take this path, or you will be left behind.

If you go down the other path, you will fall into a deep spiked pit

And die horribly.


The puppy sat down on his wrinkled little bottom and began to cry.


I don’t know what to do!

He said.


Suddenly there was a humming in his ear.

A robin landed on his shoulder.


What’s wrong? She said.


I don’t know which one to trust!

Which path should I choose?

Who is the true friend?


True friend?

What do you think this is, a fairy tale?

They are both liars. One doesn’t care. He just wants to climb the tree.

Neither of them knows what’s round the bend.


So it doesn’t matter which way I go?


On no – it matters. A lot. There could be some very nasty spikes round one corner..


Which one?


I’m a bird. All I do is twitter. What do I know?


A large tear rolled down the pup’s cheek.

So what should I do?


Well. You’ve got a nose. Use it.

Take a very careful sniff down both paths.

And then choose one and go for it.


And I’ll live happily ever after? 


But the bird had flown.



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