The World

I wish!

Merkel,May, Sturgeon, Clinton.. women to the rescue amid political turmoil?


The child stands wondering, clutching his teddy tight,

Tender feet cold on the gritty path.


He looks around him at houses filled with fire.

Sirens howl in grief.


In the shadows men fight,slugging it out with fists, pens, bombs.


Cats run yowling under bushes.


In the dropped globe at his feet

Beneath the swirling snow little men in suits hit each other with rolled papers.


Above his head angry clouds boil with thunder and spit lightning.

A hard rain begins to fall.

His hair plasters against his head.


But then, as he looks up, there is a shaft of light amidst the gloom.

And down floats a familiar figure,

umbrella up, feet turned out, hat immaculately placed.


She lands, picks up the snow globe, and snaps it into her bag.

She looks about her.

Right, she says.

Spit Spot.

Let’s clear this mess up.

And she clicks her fingers.


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