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C is for Cool




I think that I’m cool.

I try very hard.

I wear the right trainers.

I think.


I’ve got the right clothes

I’ve got the right hair

It’s just that I’m short

and I’m pink.


My friends are all longer

and stronger than me

They fold into elegant lines.

Their pants are all baggy

Their t-shirts are grim

Some of them make their own vines.


My Mum says don’t worry.

She says that

I’ve just got to wait.

She says that we all just get through it.

It’ll all be alright

when I’m eight.


2 replies on “C is for Cool”

Hi Mum,

You’ve got to make this one an animal to keep it in line with the others surely?


Yes.. I take your point. Although I never said I was writing a bestiary. This one just turned up, which is why I wrote it down. But I do have another one cooking – C is for Cockroach. And D will be for Dungbeetle. I think I’ll just write what appears in my head at the time, but, if it isnt an animal, I’ll do two. xx

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