V is for Velociraptor


If you are in a jungle,

Hunting for a treasure trove,

And you hear a sudden rustle,

Don’t move!


If you are in a jungle,

And you aren’t moving at all,

And you hear another rustle,

Only on the other side,

Stand still!


If you are in a jungle,

Standing very, very still,

And you hear a tiny growling

Coming from the trees behind you,

Just freeze!


If you are in a jungle,

And you’re frozen to the spot

And you see a red eye gleaming

In the darkness right beside you,

Don’t breathe!


If you are in a jungle

And you know they’re all around you,

With their greedy ripping claws,

And their clever bony faces

And their razor shiny teeth,

Don’t hesitate a second:


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