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Housing around 13,000 employees, Apple Park, as the headquarters is known, is a futuristic feat of engineering that contains the world’s largest piece of curved glass. Apple CEO Tim Cook told 60 Minutes in 2015 “the quality and the size” of the 3,000 sheets of glass that have been used at the headquarters “are above all that has ever been accomplished.” And according to a new report from Bloomberg, the glass is so flawless and unobtrusive that employees keep walking into it.


An apple is a highly successful fruit.

The precise curve of its skin

beautifully contains and limits

the sweet temptation of its flesh

which allows the pips, in time,  to be


clad in their own fertilizer,

where they will flourish and bud


into the future.


Had the architects of Apple

known that wisdom

that made skin

red to the eye and touch,

alive; there; tangible, so that the life within it

would see its limits and adhere to them,

remain human,

humanity would not be in danger of having

in the end,

only its own reflection to perceive.



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