Covid Thoughts 3: Free Fall

We float spreadeagled in the sky

Lifted and pulled by vague winds

Invisible currents.

Above us the receding plane

a speck

hidden by cloud.


As we fall,

Burnt cinders of news

Sparks brightened by the wind

Circle us.


Gradually we shift uneasily together



And lock hands.


Our frail parachutes open

and we lose our grip

Still descending

towards an uncertain earth


Yet together.


2 replies on “Covid Thoughts 3: Free Fall”

Thanks for the three poems – I like the idea behind them – and we’ve enjoyed them.    I received this video yesterday from a school/university friend from Australia who(m!) I have got back in touch with – he was in their American embassy for a while and warned us that Trump might win the ‘fatal’ election because of the unpopularity of the Clintons.    I’ll hope you be unable to resist singing along to the chorus – at least!

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