Sue Curtis: Biography

Sue Curtis approaches her work as writer and librettist from the solid foundation of a lifetime’s experience of literature and theatre.

After taking degrees in Psychology and English Literature, including an  M.Phil from the University of York, she trained as an actor in London.She has spent much of her life as an academic, lecturing at universities in South Africa, Austria, and England, and teaching at King Edward’s School in Bath, where she founded the Department of Drama and Theatre Studies. Her passion for theatre and her commitment to professional production values communicated itself to her students, over 150 of  whom now work in the industry as actors, writers, directors, stage, lighting, sound and costume designers, fundraisers, producers, theatre managers and film-makers.She has worked as a actor and as an award-winning director in Austria, South Africa and England.

For the last eleven years she has been a full time writer and librettist, collaborating with the composer Jools Scott, writing stage and radio plays, operas, musicals and children’s song cycles.  Their work has been performed in  several theatres in London, at Bath Abbey, the Wimbledon Festival, and most recently at St Paul’s Cathedral in November 2018, when The Cool Web:A Robert Graves Oratorio, was performed as the final commemoration concert for World War I on behalf of the Flemish Government and St Paul’s.

Present work awaiting production includes two stage plays, Nocturne, and Blood, Vice, a jazz opera, and Solo, a London musical.

Her work is varied; dark, subtle, intelligent  and funny; she is as happy writing lyrics for Elizabethan characters as dialogue for modern teenagers or Victorian vampires; as much at home having fun in a child’s world of imagination as revelling in the intellectual thuggery of Jacobean satire.

Sue is represented by:

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