Life and Work


OK; this is a bit theatrical, I grant you; but it is difficult to know what to do with myself today. We are waiting to hear from Rachel as to whether or not we have the Dracula commission. Seemed a good time to have a go at a sonnet!

I’m waiting for a word to change my life.
I should hear it today, but cannot know
If it will cut my hopes like a drawn knife
Or set my heart and soul and mind aglow.

There is no way to say that I don’t care
No way to say no is as good as yes
No way to soothe my worry with a prayer
No way to hope, or think, or take a guess.

I have to stand, as others have, and wait.
Wait out my time, hold back my fears, and stand.
Keep to my post above the city gate
Keep the gun steady in my shaking hand.

Will the dawn bring the lark, the sun, the start?
Or will it break what’s left of my poor heart?