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The Universe

We are still writing the Music of the Spheres. My next task is to write a children’s song about the universe. A large topic. Awed by the scope and grandeur of my task, I came up with this – imagining how we might in the future encounter it. I’m not sure it’s quite what Jools had in mind.


It might just be a first draft.


And here we have

The universe

Take all the time

You need.


There is no rush

Quite the reverse

We travel at

Light speed.


These windows

give us

Splendid views

On all sides of the ship..


Is that a comet

Blazing there?

Or is it ..

Just a blip?


Only the other year

We saw

A planet in the dark


Since then,

Not much..

Just have to wait.

At least it’s free to park.

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