U is for Ethelred the Unready


Ethelred the Unready was a famous English King.

He is my favourite monarch and his praises I shall sing.

I know exactly how he felt; I live my life like that.

The only one that’s worse than me is Ginger Tom the cat.


When all the rest are in the hall, all packed and good to go,

Someone says Sammy, where’s your shoe? And I never, ever know.

Why aren’t you ready? They all cry

Oh, Sammy, you’re a prat!

I don’t say anything at all; I sit and hug the cat.


It’s all the same with everything; with finishing a meal,

catching a ball, going to school; they don’t know how I feel.

They think I’m just a dozy kid, but that is not the thing.

I’m on a secret mission; I’m following my King.

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