Thoughts on the Internet

So many people have said recently that using the internet has changed the way our brains work – that endless internal links make it impossible to follow a thought through without getting distracted…


I was thinking the other day –

What is a thought?

So – needless to say –

I looked it up

on the internet.


It said:

A single

single: being alone

Not being in any kind of relationship..

is that a relationship with a person?

One cannot help but be in a relationship with the world – it intrudes itself upon you-

holds your hand or shoves you down the steps

according to its mood –

the world, huh!

But you can choose not to have a relationship with a person.

You can be single. Alone.

Is that a good thing? I’m not sure.

I need to think about it.

A single act 

act: An act!

A thought is an act!

Does that make an actor a thinker?

Or a thinker an actor?

I think not.

A single act or

or:  implying choice..

If you decide not to think

Is that a thought?

It is impossible to think that you are not thinking.

Without being wrong, that is.

Although, just being wrong doesn’t mean that you don’t exist

Otherwise we wouldn’t have Brexit.

A single act or product of thinking

product of thinking: What kind of product could my thinking produce?

How could I make money out of thinking?

I could create an app which provided an instant thought if you found yourself unable to summon one up


Would I be liable if it was a bad thought?

Which led to you throwing your grandmother down the stairs, for instance?

As in:

My grandmother always smells of peppermint.

I think I’ll throw her down the stairs.

And if it was a good thought,

which led to the invention of an instant and endlessly renewable energy source perhaps,

what would my legal position be?

Would I have to fight the person who downloaded it through the courts before I could rake it in?


A single act or product of thinking; an idea

an idea?

How can a thought be an idea?

I have no idea – that’s a thought.

And it contains no idea at all.


A single act or product of thinking; an idea or notion


In America, notions are sewing aids – buttons, tapes.

I guess the connection is that notions are trivial.. silly..

The kind of thoughts flighty women have while they gossip and sew buttons

onto their menfolks’ serious trousers.

to collect one’s thoughts

Some people put them in a box.

Shut the lid.

Others skewer them onto a board

like butterflies.

Some just let them free

to flutter into the world and start hurricanes.


I’m not sure, on reflection, that the internet is a useful tool in the process of hunting a thought to its conclusion..

You need a very strong mental sat nav that doesn’t let you stray off course..

Sat nav: Wouldn’t it be great to have a sat nav for life?

Proceed past the pub 300 metres and the library is on your right.

At the first available opportunity, take a u-turn from the bar  without spilling your beer on the large man next to you, proceed through the door and the library is 300 metres to your right.

Proceed past the welcoming blonde on the left then proceed through the door and the library is 300 metres to your right.

At the first available opportunity, replace your trousers….oh, what the hell..





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This is brilliant, Sue. I giggled in a knowing sort of way all through. May I send it on? And I finished your play this afternoon. And I really enjoyed it. Snorted with recognition rather than giggled. It’s very much on the nail. You better get it out soon cos otherwise ‘they’ will say you just recounted history!! Though I really really hope it doesn’t actually come to pass. Lots of love Val

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